QC Conveyors


For more than 35 years, QC Conveyors has been focused on one thing: providing customers with reliable, easy-to-use conveyor systems that meet their needs, then backing them with world class service and support. Whether you're an end user looking to decrease downtime or an OEM putting our conveyor in a machine with your company's name on it, QC Conveyors offers the quality, reliable product you're seeking.

Automation Series Conveyors

QC Conveyors' Automation Series Conveyors are the ultimate user-friendly conveyor. High tech features like Tension Release Tails, Pivot rotatable drives, and movable center drives were designed to me your life easier. 

Features Include

  • Single Piece Aluminum Frame 

  • Tension Release Tail - Operates at a push of a button to release belt tension 

  • Crowned Pully 

  • Many Different Belt Options 

  • Built to last bearings 

  • End Drive, Center Drive, or Z-Angled Options

HydoClean Series

Clean Efficient Conveying - The HydroClean Series features a sanitary design for handling all types of applications included food products, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, clean rooms and more. They offer a variety of options designed to fit your unique application. 

Features Include

  • NSF & BISSC Certified

  • V-Guided Belts to ensure positive tracking 

  • Sealed Ball Bearing

  • Unique pull pin design - fully disassemble w/o tools to aid in place cleaning 

  • Quiet Operations 

FlexTrac Series

QC Conveyors’ Flextrac™ Series Conveyor Systems demonstrate flexibility with sturdy, modular conveyors capable of inclines, declines, straight sections and curves.They can be configured to meet the needs of almost any application, including gripper elevators and alpine conveyors. Thanks to their modular design, they can be reconfigured as your plant changes and grows.

Industrial Series

QC Industries’ Industrial Series conveyors provide a wide range of solutions for any application including indexing, plastic chain, embedded drive, and heavy load carrying capacities. These conveyors have been designed for rugged and demanding environments.