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Secomea (Secure Remote Connection Made Easy) was founded in 2008 and is today a leading provider of remote maintenance IIoT solutions used by Machine Builders, Integrators and Manufacturers worldwide.

Secomea is headquartered in Denmark with offices in China, Japan and North America. Secomea had developed a turnkey solution that combines data collection and remote access in one simple and secure platform, enabling machine administrators to perform all aspects of corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance. Secomea seeks to continue to elevate industry standards with a solution that exceeds international security requirements, focusing on scalability and ease of use.

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Industrial Remote Access

Connect remotely to your machines anywhere, anytime with a remote access solution designed to meet both OT and IT requirements with the highest level of security and ease of use. In combination with machine data collection, you can unlock new levels of productivity and cover all remote maintenance tasks in one secure solution.

Key Features for OT and IT Departments: 

  • Strict remote access control down to a single device or port

  • Time-restricted secure remote access for third party technicians

  • Comprehensive audit trails of all events and remote access sessions

  • Well defined domain structures with increased visibility of infrastructure hierarchies

  • Identity management using 2FA with optional AD integration

  • Alarms and logging features

  • Intuitive UIs, enabling accurate and secure day-to-day machine operation

  • Account on Secomea hosted cloud-based GateManager server, or SaaS agreement with own GateManager hosted by Secomea, or in your own data center of Cloud.


Key Features for Automation & Service Departments: 

  • Automatic device discovery (PLC, HMI, etc.)

  • Easy industrial IoT gateway setup via USB memory stick

  • Instant secure remote access to ethernet (Layer 2 and 3), USB and serial devices

  • Automatic Windows client installation on first connect

  • Remote access connection to VNC servers from all modern web browsers

  • Optional remote SCADA/MES access to all devices concurrently

  • Industrial IoT Gateways available as both hardware and software

  • Multiple industrial IoT gateway connection methods; WiFi, 4G and Local network

Machine Data Collection

With the SiteManager IoT Gateway  you can collect data from several devices simultaneously and send the data raw or pre-processed to different clouds. This allows you to perform OEE calculations on one system, build manufacturing dashboards on another, while feeding data into your ERP – simultaneously and transparently. The Secomea Data Collection Cloud (DCC) will provide you with a solid turnkey foundation for both OEE and real time data visualization.

  • Collector protocols (Ethernet): Modbus, OPC UA, Siemens S7, Rockwell CIP/ Ethernet/IP, http generic (json, xml etc.), Simulator

  • Data Server (Cloud) protocols: AWS, Azure, Schneider Machine Advisor, Cumulocity, Alibaba/Aliyun, Secomea DCC

  • Edge computing capabilities: Aggregations (avg, max/min, compute etc.), Event–triggered alarms, Store-and-Forward buffer for power- or connection loss resilience


SiteManager is the advanced IoT edge gateway component of the Secomea Solution which enables both industrial remote access and machine data collection in a single unit. The SiteManager is available as a robust DIN-mountable industrial device with multiple connection options, or as software which can be embedded on Windows or Linux computers, HMIs, IPCs or other systems.

Access Management Servers

The Secomea GateManager is an industrial gateway server empowering you to securely manage remote access to industrial control systems and equipment. The GateManager provides a frictionless and secure way of handling your Identity and Access Management (IAM) processes in your industrial network. Certified as meeting the highest global cybersecurity standards from both an IT requirement and corporate policy perspective, GateManager ensures compliance with existing IT systems and policies.

Remote Access Client

LinkManager is designed for Automation Engineers to connect to PLCs, HMIs and other equipment remotely and transparently using programs locally installed on the PC. LinkManager will ensure that the remote equipment appears to you, as if you were on site. LinkManager supports tunneling of UDP/TCP, USB and Serial connections and even Layer2 communication to entire remote networks.

Data Collection Cloud 

The Data Collection Cloud DCC is a true turnkey component of Secomea Remote Maintenance, specifically designed to address the typical data collection needs of Machine Builders and Manufacturers. DCC is tightly integrated with the remote access components GateManager and SiteManager, ensuring you a solution that works end-to-end.

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