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Accu Tech USA

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Accu Tech USA offers one of the largest selections of actuators, ball screws, collaborative robots and linear guides in North America. Headquartered in Wake Forest, NC, the company specializes in providing innovative products, applications engineering support and machining services to companies from health care and optical equipment to packaging and automated machinery.


Accu Tech USA offers a wide range of precision ground and rolled ball screws. Ground ball screws are available in both Metric and Imperial leads. Wide ranges of screw diameters and leads. In-house machining capabilities for custom screws and replacements. 

Ball Screw Driven Series

ECH Series - Clean Room Ball Screw Actuators that offer great reliability and built for environments with higher safety standards


ETH Series - Ball screw driven actuators that offer superior repeatability at a variety of paylod options. 

GTH Series - Next Generation of the widely used ETH series. Offers improvised features and upgrades in smaller frame size for equal load rating. 

GTY Series - Internally guided rod-style guided actuator, built on the design improvements of the GTH Series. 

Belt Driven Series

ECB Series - Clean Room Belt Actuator. Includes a highly durable belt that can be assembled in four various slide option positions. All ECB Actuators come with a belt adjusting mechanism that can be checked or tightened/loosened at any time.

ETB Series - Standard Belt Actuators. Available in 6 sizes, payloads up to 85kg, and stroke lengths up to 4050mm.  Repeatability of ± 0.4mm. 

Linear Guides

Accu Tech USA offers linear guides that have a four-row circular contact design. Four rows of balls are positioned with contact angles at 45 degrees, allowing even distribution of load in radial, reverse-radial and lateral directions. The linear guides can be used in any orientation in Conventional (non-caged) and Caged designs.

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Linear Guides
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