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CIMON is an industrial automation company focused on process control and the manufacturing market. Since its foundation in 1999, CIMON has grown from emerging Asian markets into Europe and North America. CIMON has worked with hundreds of manufacturers, providing a total solution from product supply to system design. CIMON offers factory owners an automatic control solution via PLC for facility control and SCADA.

Introducing the Xpanel eXT and nXT Series 

Advanced industrial HMI solutions that set a new standard for performance and usability. Paired with our innovative Canvas HMI software, the Xpanel eXT and nXT series offer a seamless and efficient user experience by combining industrial-grade touch technology, powerful embedded OS hardware with a quad-core CPU, and an intuitive runtime platform. The Xpanel eXT and nXT series are engineered to optimize and streamline industrial operations. Elevate your HMI experience today.

PLC - Programmable Logic Controller

CIMON-PLC is an industrial control device based on international standards of IEC61131. It is designed for a plant site that requires industry-leading reliability. CIMON-PLC is optimized for Industry 4.0 and enhances the intelligence of industrial sites.


Module Type PLC : XP Series and CP Series

XP Series feaures 32bit CPU. High-speed operation, floating point operation, large memory, redundany system support for large scale applications. 

CP Series features 16 Bit CPU, Compact size, Reasonable price for a medium scale system

All-in-One Compact PLC: PLC-S Series

Compact size, high performance, special command (PID control, high-speed counter) for medium and small scale applications 

Software: CICON

Micro-S: Brick PLC 

16Kpps High-Speed Counter (2 Channel) Built-in
10K Step Memory, 100kpps 2-axis Pulse Output built-in. (Positioning)

CICON: CIMON PLC Programming Software CICON provides a convenient interface to easily edit and modify PLC programs. It supports various PLC connection methods such as “Loader”, “RS232 / 422/485”, “Ethernet” and “USB”. Automated program for easy PLC program management


CIMON-XPANEL is a Windows CE based HMI unit. A combination of software and hardware suitable for various monitoring needs within industrial sites. 


  • High Quality LED Display 

  • Available in 4.3", 7", 10", 12" and 15" Screen Sizes

  • Durable Reinforced Aluminum Die Casting (10, 12,  and 15")

  • Variety of Interfaces: Ethernet, Serial (RS232/485) USB Host/Tool, and SD card 

  • Real-Time Data Logging - Saved to internal memory, SD Card, or USB 

  • Auto Page Resizing - Project can be transferred to other XPANEL Models 


XPANEL Designer has powerful features, including an unlimited tag database, communication drivers, an expansive graphics library objects and a user-friendly interface making for easy development and integration.


Hybrid Xpanel, combines the CIMON PLC-S CPU and the 7-inch Xpanel to get the maximum benefits from to reliable and powerful CIMON products.  

Hybrid XPANEL.png
CIMON IPC - Industrial Panel Computer

A Windows OS based industrial PC which displays performance metrics in various industrial sites. IPC provides key indicators that help improve productivity and efficiency. Take advantage of faster start-up and processing speeds plus greater product functioning with your choice of Intel J1900, i3-6100U or i5-6300U processors options.


  • Intel J1900, i3-6100U or i5-6300U processor (Fanless design)

  • High Performance, low power SSD 128GB

  • Windows 7, 10 IoT Enterprise, 10 Professional, or Linux

  • Optional UltimateAccess SCADA installed pre-installed

  • High resolution display and polished design

  • Fast and simple database function

  • Ethernet, Serial (RS232C/422/485), USB Port

  • FCC, CE, UL, cUL, IP65, NEMA 4X, and IECEx Certifications*

  • AC 110~240V (12” and 15”)

  • Aluminum die casting case (12” and 15”)

  • Sunlight readable screen option

SCADA Software: UltimateAccess

UltimateAccess SCADA is a Windows-based software for industrial automation management. Our industrial SCADA software is optimized for the IIoT generation, making it possible to monitor and control your operational and business processes anytime and anywhere.

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