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Advantech is a global PC-based Automation Solution manufacturer, providing integrated web-based hardware and software technologies, solutions, and customization services that empower the connected eWorld. Advantech cooperates closely with system integrators to help them add value to meet stringent requirements from customers in a wide array of industries.

UNO Series Embedded Automation Computers 

Advantech’s UNO series of embedded automation computers provides rugged design with maximum flexibility, enabling reliable edge computing solutions.


UNO-100/300 Series M2I Control Edge

Advantech’s latest UNO-100/300 series of Embedded Edge Controllers are designed to deliver high-performance computing and maximum flexibility. With support of the latest range of expansion interfaces, including PCIe for high density I/O, iDoor for fieldbus modules, and PCI for motion cards, Advantech provides a reliable Machine-to-Intelligence Control Edge solution to bridge the gap between OT and IT.


UNO-2000 Series Industrial Computing Edge

Advantech’s IoT automation gateways offer flexible and expandable features based on new modular designs. Integrated with iDoor expandability and stackable modular design, the UNO-2000 is adapted for different kinds of embedded automation applications. The units can be easily integrated with Advantech WISE-PaaS software which helps bridge the gap between IT and OT. UNO-2000 is suitable for individual design requirements that enable flexible and manageable configurations.


WISE-700/UNO-200 Series IoT Gateway Edge Series 

Advantech's WISE-7 and UNO-2 series are the bridge for data from edge devices to the cloud and play a central role in IoT Edge Gateway applications. Thanks to their digital and analog I/O, this series offers the capability of fast connectivity to edge devices. All collected data can be delivered to the cloud by Giga LAN and high speed RF technologies. With UNO-2 series installed, your system will benefit from video output features that will allow you to visualize information on a dashboard and monitor.

AMAX-5580 Automation Controller

Advantech's AMAX-5580 is a compact and powerful Control IPC with an Intel Core i7/i5/Celeron CPU. It is the ideal open control platform to be combined with AMAX-5000 Series EtherCAT Slice IO modules, and features flexible I/O expansion, real-time I/O control, network capability through various interfaces, and support dual power input for robust power system. It also has a built-in standard mini PCI express interface for wireless communication. The AMAX-5580 is the best solution for data gateway, concentrator and data server applications, its seamless integration with I/O can save costs and fulfill a diverse range of automation projects.


  • 6th generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/Celeron processors up to 2.6 GHz with 4GB/8GB DDR4 memory

  • 2 x GbE, 4 x USB 3.0, 2 x RS-232 /422/485, 1 x VGA, 1 x HDMI

  • Dual power input with alarm output

  • Compact and fanless design for DIN-rail mount in Control cabinet

  • Maximum 4 expansion capability on left side for AMAX-54XX series module

  • Wireless mPCIe module support for 3G/LTE/Wifi/GPS

  • Chassis grounding protection

  • Independent resource on Intel i210 GbE for better EtherCAT performance

  • Upstream LAN redundancy (Intel Teaming Function)

Panel PCs - PPCs 

The industrial All-in-one fanless Panel PC featuring rich I/O expansion and low-power Intel Core™processor help build complex systems. The Panel PC support multiple I/O expansion aimed to configure industrial IoT applications.

Automation Panels -TPC 

TPC Series Automation Panels  include control panels with flexible expansion, thin-client panels with compact design and wide screen series with built-in intelligent keys for intuitive UI. The comprehensive control and thin-client panel size from 3.5" to 21.5"and wide CPU selection including Intel Atom, Core i and AMD processors can fulfill different needs of applications.

Flat Panel Monitors-FPM

Advantech FPM industrial monitors integrate the latest LCD and touchscreen technology to facilitate data visualization and increased productivity. These monitors are available in a range of sizes (from 6.5” to 21.5”) and feature PCAP or resistive touch control to support diverse applications.

WebOP Human Machine Interfaces 

Industrial Human Machine Interface (HMI) series are panel PC and operator panel for a wide range of industrial and factory automation applications. The touch panel computers come in various sizes especially for size-sensitive factory environment. Availabe in 4.3", 7", 8" and 10.1" screen sizes.


  • TFT LCD with 20000 hours backlight life time

  • Supports over 450 PLC industrial communication protocols

  • ARM9-based processor up to 200MHz and working memory 64MB SDRAM

  • Backup memory 128k SRAM for retaining critical data

  • Supports WebAccess/HMI Designer development tool on Windows XP/Vista/7/10

  • Supports WebAccess/HMI Runtime data downloads through Serial, Ethernet, USB port

  • Supports adjustable brightness controls via touch panel

  • Reliable watch dog function setting from WebAccess/HMI Designer for 24/7 operation

  • Easy to switch one application to different LCD sizes in seconds

  • Communicates with up to four types of devices

  • Panel mounting for machinery

  • IP66 compliant front panel

IDoor Modules 

Advantech's iDoor Technology utilizing mini PCIe format allowing customers the flexibility for I/O expansion. The various I/O expansion modules include Fieldbus protocol, smart sensor, communication and memory.

Remote I/O Modules

Advantech offers versatile Remote I/O & Wireless Sensing Modules . Advantech distributed Remote I/O Modules are categorized into two families, Ethernet I/O (ADAM-6000 series) and RS-485 I/O (ADAM-4000 series), which are subdivided into Analog I/O and Digital I/O modules.

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