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Applied Motion Products


Applied Motion Products specializes in high-precision, cost-effective motion control products. They offer a full complement of stepper and servo, drives, motors, controllers, gearheads, and power supplies to serve a diverse industrial and OEM customer base.

StepSERVO Integrated Motors

StepSERVO™ is the Next Evolution in Step Motor Technology. Starting with a proven integrated motor design, we add a high-resolution incremental encoder and closed-loop servo firmware to create a motor that offers the best step motor performance available today. StepSERVO™ Integrated Motors offer the same high-torque-at-low-speed and excellent holding torque characteristics of open loop stepping motors, with the advantages of true closed-loop control.

J-Series Servo Motors

High-torque brushless servo motors. J series motors come in 40, 60, and 80 mm frame sizes with 10,000-count incremental commutating encoders and IP65 ratings on the motor body. All servo motors listed below are specifically designed to work with Applied Motion servo drives.

SV200 Servo Drives

Full-featured servo drives in a variety of control options ranging from pulse & direction, analog torque/velocity and streaming serial commands, to the stand-alone execution of stored programs. An easy-to-use software interface makes setup and tuning the servo system a snap. SV200 Servo Drives are optimized for use with J Series Servo Motors.

MDX Integrated Servo Motors

 The MDX Integrated Servo Motors combine the high torque-density, low rotor-inertia design of J Series Servo Motors with the all-digital servo drive technology of the SV200 Servo Drives. The result is an integrated, all-in-one servo motor where feedback, servo drive and servo controller are housed in the same package as the motor. There are no cables to connect the servo drive to the motor. Power, I/O, and communications can be plugged directly into the connectors on the motor.

STM Integrated Steppers 

STM integrated drive+motors fuse step motor and drive components into a single device. These integrated steppers offer a space-saving design that reduces wiring and saves on cost over separate motor and drive components. STM integrated steppers, in NEMA 17, 23, and 24 frame sizes, combine the best of Applied Motion’s drive and motor offering in a single, integrated device.

Stepper Drives

Step motor drives from Applied Motion Products offer unparalleled performance for today's modern machine builders. From the ground up these drives offer best-in-class current control for optimal smoothness and torque, robust and flexible on-board control options, and industry-standard industrial network communications.

HT/HW Stepper Motors

Applied Motion Products specializes in offering two-phase, hybrid step motors in a variety of frame sizes. These motors are designed to work optimally with Applied Motion stepper drives, ensuring smooth motion and high performance in every application.

EtherNet/IP Products

With EtherNet/IP users can control, configure and query drives using an open, standards-based, industrial Ethernet connection at speeds up to 100 MBits/sec.

Applied Motion drives and motors with EtherNet/IP – designated by “IP” in the model number – run all of the same control modes as “Q” drives, with the addition that all drive features can be accessed over EtherNet/I. EtherNet/IP is an industrial Ethernet network solution built on the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP), and is supported by the ODVA.

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EtherCAT Drives

Applied Motion Products offers the StepSERVO drives with built-in EtherCAT network communications. The combination of StepSERVO closed loop step motor technology and EtherCAT networking create a robust motion control solution for multi-axis positioning, velocity, and torque control applications.

EtherCAT is a popular and powerful standards-based industrial Ethernet protocol specifically designed for high-speed motion control and automation tasks. This high performance industrial Ethernet network provides real-time communication and control.

AMP Steppers
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