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UniMotion North America


UNIMOTION is a leading company in the industrial automation field, at a global level. Combining innovative engineering solutions - Unimotion helps companies of all sizes across a wide range of industrial segments. Unimotion develops Industry 4.0-enabled products and systems with leading quality, performance and value. Engineering, Production, Construction, Warehouse, Research & Development department; all this can be found under one roof. Thanks to years of experience and a consistent focus on automation technology, we are continually improving our products and implementing new innovations that provide customers with many technical advantages. Our core values are precision, innovation, passion and integrity. At Unimotion our main goal is satisfaction of every single customer with commitment to deliver the impossible. In 2020, Unimotion North America, Inc. was established to support the brand directly in North America. Unimotion sales team, technicians and experts are at your disposal to provide customized expertise and support. We look forward to meet you and work on your special project.

Ball Screw Driven Series
CTV Linear Units

The CTV Series are precision ball screw driven linear actuators featuring two parallel integrated zero-backlash rail guides. The comapct, precision -extruded aluminum profile and two parallel rails allow for high load capacities and optimal cycles for the movement larger loads at high speeds. 

MTV Linear Units

The MTV Series are precision ball screw driven linear actuactors featuring an integrated guide rail and compact dimensions. They can easily be combined into multi-axis systems and offer excellent price/performace ratio and quick delivery time. 

Belt Driven Series
MTJ/MRJ Belt Series

The MTJ and MRJ belt actuator series can meet the requirements for demanding high speed and long stroke length applications with strength and precision. The MTJ and MRJ use pre-tensioned steel reinforeced polyuretjane toothed belts. For even higher speed applications the MRJ version actuator swaps the standard linear guide for journal bearing allowing for maximum speed – up to 10m/s. Both the MTJ and MRJ are available with through-bore, single side, or dual left/ right side drives.

CTJ Belt Series

A compact linear unit with an AT toothed belt with steel cords and two parallel, integrated zero-clearance guide rail systems. Hard-anodized aluminum profile with one-step machined internal surfaces for precise and optimal movements. The CTJ unit is driven by a zero-clearance drive pulley. The polyurethane timing belt is guided in the profile slot and protects all the parts in the profile from different contaminations. Lubrication ports for the central re-lubrication of the ball rail guide system.

MTJZ Z-Axis Belt 

The MTJZ series contains Z-axis linear units with a toothed belt drive and an integrated ball rail system – all in a compact design. These linear units provide high performance features such as: high speed, high accuracy and high repeatability in vertical applications.

Electric Cylinders
PNCE  Electric Cylinders

The PNCE are electric cylinders with a precision ball screw drive. The electric cylinder is based on the standard ISO 15552. Its outer design and dimensions are very similar to pneumatic cylinders. High performance features such as, high speeds, good positioning accuracy and high repeatability are ensured through a precision ball screw with reduced backlash (preload on request) of the ball nut and non-rotating piston rod. For a long service life the re-lubrication can be done through a lubrication nipple. The design with its smooth surfaces enables easy cleaning of the cylinder.

MCE and MSCE.jpg
MCE and MSCE Mini Cylinders & Sliders

The MCE mini electric cylinder is a mini linear drive with a piston rod. By using an integrated precision ball screw drive, the rotary motion of the drive shaft is converted to linear motion of the piston rod with high mechanical efficienty and low internal friction. 

The MSCE is a mini linear drive with an integrated linera guiding system and slide. By using an integrated precision ball screw drive, the rotary motion of the drive shaft is converted to linear motion of slide with high machanical efficiency and low internal fricition. 

CTL Series  Linear Motor Driven Units 

CTL is a linear unit with an integrated high-performance UNIMOTION linear motor. High accuracy is achieved using a precision low noise linear guiding system while the linear motor enables extremely high dynamic movements. Using innovative UNIMOTION linear motor drive enables the unit to achieve speeds up to 5 m/s and offer the highest acceleration among all of our linear units. Due to the linear motor drive, the CTL linear units are backlash-free. The CTL linear units offer a range of different built-in incremental and absolute measurement systems. The combination of the linear motor drive and the measurement systems offer a repeatability precision of up to 0,001 mm. CTL linear units are designed to be as compact as possible with no compromise to high performance. This makes them perfect for a wide range
of different applications.

Unimotion CTL.jpg
CTJ Belt
CTL Linear Motors
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