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Parker Hannifin


Parker's Electromechanical and Drives Division provides a broad selection of motion and machine controllers, HMIs, servo drives, linear electric motors, electric cylinders and actuators, gearheads and other products to improve precision and increase productivity in industrial automation and to offer complete motion system control. 

Automation Controllers

The new ACR7000 series combines performance, value and scalability that meets and exceeds OEM expectations. Built on the wellknown ACR9000 platform, the 7000 series utilizes re-imagined hardware designs, well-suited for table top and laboratory style instruments. This family of integrated, multi-axis motion controllers continues of previous generations with new streamlined low power hardware solutions. 

Features Include: 

  • 800MHz ARM(R) Cortex(R)-A8 processor

  • Ethernet communications supports PC and I/O communications

  • High performance servo and stepper drive variants

  • 24-48VDC input power

  • Utilizes proven, powerful AcroBasic motion control

  • Servo drives rated to 8A continuous, stepper drives to 4A

Drives/ Drive Controllers

Parker servo and stepper drives are designed to deliver a maximum amount of power output and performance. With various ad controls and commmunication protocols, Parker drives are optimized to ease integration.

Rotary & Linear Motors

Parker rotary motors provide maximum torque density. They also provide cog-free rotary motion for the best low-speed smoothness. The product offering scales from small linear motor components to the largest force capacity.


With expert machining and high precision designs, the Parker gearheads have precision options with less than three arc-minutes of backlash. Other gearhead options include NEMA sizes, right angle, dual drive, and more.

Rotary & Linear Positoners 

Parker offers best-in-class positioner designs with screw, belt, or linear motor-drive technologies. The award-winning designs lead the way with unmatched flexibility and precision capabilities for both OEMs and sytem integrators.

Electric Cylinders

Parker has one of the most complete electric cylinder product lines available, offering high speed linear motor versions, high-force ball screw cylinders, extreme-force roller screw cylinders, and lead screw/ball screw versions.

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