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Introducing the New High Power Density M5 Servo Motor Series!
AMP M5 Motor Lineup.png

The M5 Servo Motors is engineered for high machine performance, exceptional torque output, and precise control. With a range of inertia options available across various power ratings, and three high-resolution feedback options, the M5 series is where power, precision, and cost-efficiency converge.

M5 Benefits.png
  • Magnetic design results for high power density and low cogging torque

  • Frame sizes: 40, 60, 80, 100 and 130mm

  •  Power Range: 100W to 3kW (up to 11 Nm rated torque)

  •  Continuous torque rating up to 11.5 Nm

  •  Integral brake option

  •  Low, medium, and high inertia motors

  •  Feedback options: 17-bit Absolute Encoder (Battery-less), 21-bit Multi-turn Absolute Magnetic Encoder, 26-bit Multi-turn Absolute Optical Encoder

  •  IP65 Rated for water and dust resistance

  • UL Recognized E525873

  • CE Certified

M5 130mm.png
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