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ETH Series Electric Cylinders

The Parker ETH Series is the next generation of the industry proven ET Series. This high-force, ball-screw driven, electric cylinder employs a dramatically new and improved ball nut and screw design paired with over-sized thrust bearings in order to attain industry leading force density and allowing it to compete with similarly sized roller screw and hydraulic products. Relative to its predecessor this means a dramatic increase in force output allowing the designer to reduce one frame size and attain the same or better performance, which equates to space savings and cost reduction. The ETH is ideally suited for thrust type applications such as pressing, bending and forming and offers significant control advantages over typical fluid power solutions.

  • 5 frame sizes (ISO 32, 50, 80, 100 and 125)

  • Oversized ball screw and thrust bearings

  • Max thrust- 114,000 N

  • Max speed- 1.7 ms

  • Max stroke- 2 m

  • Duty Cycle- 100 percent

XFC Extreme Force Cylinder

Parker's XFC series an Extreme Force Electric Thrust Cylinder featuring roller screw, drive technology. This industrially hardened cylinder product utilizes an all steel construction and is manufactured to standard metric hydraulic tie rod design. The resulting cylinder offers significantly greater levels of control in addition to being an energy efficient fluid power substitute. 

  • Frame Size- 75, 90, 115, 140, 165, 190

  • Roller screw technology

  • Max Thrust- 356 kN

  • Max Speed- 1 m/s

  • Anti-rotate rod option

  • All steel construction

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