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Stealth Gen. II Gearheads

Parker's new Generation II Stealth® Series provides higher radial load, increased service life and ease of mounting than comparably sized planetary gearheads. The Stealth Generation II Helical Planetary Gearheads incorporate design enhancements to provide superior performance for the most demanding high performance applications. For larger frame sizes, Parker offers Generation I Stealth® Series gearheads in 142 to 220 mm and NEMA 56 frame sizes. For standard precision applications, the PV Series gearhead combines power and versatility in an economical package available in a wide range of options.


  • Angular contact output bearings for higher radial load capacity

  • Full complement needle planet bearings for increased service life

  • Universal mounting kits for quicker deliveries and easier mounting

  • Helical planetary gearing for high torque and low backlash

  • Integral ring gear and rigid sun gear for high stiffness

  • Plasma Nitriting for higher gear wear resistance

In-Line PS

Stealth Advanced PS is Parker Bayside''s highest performance servo gearhead. With 8 frame sizes and 12 gear ratios, you are guaranteed to find a Stealth Advanced PS to fit your high performance servo applications.

In-Line PX

High performance at an exceptional value makes STEALTH PX the gearhead of choice for today''s lower cost servo motor applications. Stealth PX delivers the best value with the advantages of helical planetary technology.

Right Angle RS

Parker Bayside's Stealth Advanced RS Right Angle Planetary Gearhead delivers the high performance features of our stealth RS in a compact, right angle package. With 7 frame sizes and 9 gear ratios to choose from, you are guaranteed to find a Stealth Advanced RS gearhead to fit your servo motor applications.

Right Angle RX

Stealth RX incorporates Parker Bayside''s helical planetary technology in a lower cost package. Available in NEMA and Metric frame sizes, Stealth RX delivers high torque and quiet, smooth operation for less demanding servo applications.

PV Series - "In-Line Power and Versatility

The PV Series Planetary Gearbox combines Power and Versatility with its wide combination of competitive output faces, high radial load capacities and maintenance free operation. The PV series is available in four metric/NEMA frame sizes and a large offering of ratios. Whether you're an OEM or an end user searching for competitive alternatives the PV offers a superior solution. Manufactured in the USA, Parker Bayside's PV series gearbox is universally the only choice.

  • Higher radial load capacity: Taper roller output bearings  

  • Competitive Alternatives: Five Drop-In Output Face Options

  • Universal mounting kits: Quicker deliveries and easier mounting

  •  Higher gear wear resistance: Plasma Nitriting heat treating

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