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Piezo Motion


Piezo Motion is a leader in piezo motor technology with multi-million dollar investments in research and development of affordable piezoelectric motors to meet, and exceed, the needs of today’s global markets. The company is committed to the development of innovative piezoelectric technology and motion products that enhance their functionality in a multitude of applications. Piezo Motion works with startups, OEMs, research institutions, and industrial companies from around the world empowering the visionaries behind their products.

Motor Features & Benefits 

Key Features and Benefits of Piezoelectric Motors compared to Traditional Electromagetic Motors
High Performace

Technology that provides>1000 X's Better Resolution, >100 X's Faster Reaction Time and 10X's Greater Specific Power Stall Torque/Force compared to conventional DC motors. 

Energy & Cost Saving

Piezo Motion's piezo motors operate at low voltage (e.g. 12 VDC, customizable down to 5 VDC) and have increased energy eficiency. They are designed for direct-drive applications where the need for gearhead is eliminated altogether. 

Unique Properties

Piezo Motion's piezo motors are scalabe in design (rotary and linear), can be operated silently and consume zero energy in a hold position. 


Piezo Motion's piezo motors are available in non-magnetic configurations making them ideal for specialized applications where traditional DC motors cannot be used (e.g. medical MRI)

Low Cost

Modern engineered thermoplastic design enables Piezo Motion's piezo motors to be prices extermely competitively compared to other brands and technologies. Simplified drive electronics lowers ownership cost further. 


Piezo Motion's piezo motors are immune from electromagnetic interference (EMI/RFI) and do not contain any rare earth elements (REE's). 

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