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SP5000 Series Enhanced HMI

Pro-face SP5000 series offers separate display and box modules for a mix and match capability giving you flexibility, easy screen replacement without re-programming, and multiple programming options with the power and open node boxes. Pro-face’s SP5000 Enhanced HMI Series offers 7” – 19” display options with a power box rear module. This new enhanced HMI is flexible, powerful, and provides extensive data sharing options.


  • Use Windows Applications Via the On-Site Smart Portal 

  • Dedicated Launcher

  • Use On-Site Smart Portal to perform maintenance

  • High-Speed Processing

  • Connect to Multiple Networks with dual Ethernet ports

  • Flexible Design

ST6000 Basic HMI 

The ST6000 series brings a new level of visualization to the Basic HMI market which no other basic product has accomplished. Pro-face has achieved a superior quality display that improves operability and is unmatched by any other basic product. Optimize operations and machine information. Units are available in 4.3" to 15" screen sizes are compatible with BLUE or GP-Pro EX software.


  • 3.5” to 15” Display Options

  • Analog Resistive Touch Screens (no grid)

  • Data sharing & collection

  • High Resolutions  - 16 million colors

  • Aluminum Front Panel

  • GP-Pro EX or Blue Software compatible models 

HMI + Control 

Pro-face HMI + control products combine built-in PLC functionality with an operator interface. Couple with one of our software options and you have an all-in-one HMI Control Solution. Lowering overall system costs and panel space.

  • Eliminate or Enhance PLC

  • Reduce cost by eliminating PLC in simple control applications

  • Directly control switches, lamps, relays, motors, sensors

LT4000 Series Modular 22MM HMI + Control


The LT4000 Series HMI offers 3.5" and 5.7" LED backlit LCD Displays. Display and Communication modules can be separated for quick mounting into a standard 22mm hole without the need to create a larger panel cutout. It offers a full graphics touch screen interface with a selection of serial or Ethernet connectivity. These models are programmed with the versatile GP-Pro EX development software.

STC6000 Compact HMI with Built in I/O

STC6000 naname HMI.png

The STC6000 operator interface combines PLC functionality integrated with an HMI to create a cost effective, high value machine interface solution. Includes pulse output for motion control, high speed counter, and built in I/O ideal for sensors switches, lamps stack lights, and valves. 

SP5000X Extreme HMI 

This sunlight readable screen that is resistant to extreme temperatures and direct sunlight, offers enhanced information display unit and improved operability. This product is suitable for multiple applications under harsh environmental conditions including use in special purpose vehicles such as fire trucks and construction equipment; parking lots and gas stations; and the oil and gas industry.

GP4000H Hand-Held HMI 

The Proface GP400H Handheld product line offers extensive, built-in, time-saving features that help customers develop fast, consistent, standardized graphical interfaces plus flexibility of location. These 5.7” tethered units have up to 10m cables for freedom of movement and offer a built-in emergency stop and key enable switch. Add single platform data management and control with GP-Pro Ex and Pro-Server EX software to complete the winning combination.

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