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The Xpanel eXT and nXT Series 

Revolutionize Your Operations with CIMON's Next-Gen HMI

Introducing the Xpanel eXT and nXT series, advanced industrial HMI(Human Machine Interface) solutions that set a new standard for performance and usability. Paired with innovative Canvas HMI software, the Xpanel eXT and nXT series offer a seamless and efficient user experience by combining industrial-grade touch technology, powerful embedded OS hardware with a quad-core CPU, and an intuitive runtime platform. The Xpanel eXT and nXT series are engineered to optimize and streamline industrial operations. Elevate your HMI experience today.

Rugged Display with Vibrant Visuals

CIMON's industrial-grade LCD screen is built to withstand harsh environments while providing vibrant and eye-catching visuals.

Performance and Dependability

The Xpanel eXT and nXT series come equipped with a powerful quad-core CPU and large storage and RAM capacity, ensuring smooth performance even in demanding industrial applications.

Industry-Leading 3-year Warranty

CIMON offers a comprehensive 3-year warranty on all hardware. We understand that industrial operations require reliable equipment, and our warranty program is designed to give you peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.

Seamless Transition with CIMON Project Converter

Project converter software provides the flexibility to convert projects from our XT and iXT series to the new Xpanel eXT and nXT series. This enables you to seamlessly transition to the latest technology, taking full advantage of the improved performance, usability, and intuitive programming of the new series while preserving your existing projects. The Xpanel eXT and nXT series represent the next generation of industrial HMI solutions, providing a seamless upgrade path to optimize your industrial operations.

CIMON's flagship HMI, the Xpanel nXT Series, built to handle even the most challenging industrial environments.  

Its all-aluminum enclosure provides rugged durability and resistance to extreme temperatures and harsh conditions.

The Xpanel nXT series is UL Class 1 Div 2 certified and UL listed for type 4X and type 12, making it suitable for use in hazardous locations. In addition, its front panel is IP68 rated for protection against dust and water ingress, and its rear panel is IP20 rated.

A sunlight readable display, with up to 1000 nits of brightness, makes the Xpanel nXT series perfect for outdoor applications. This allows for clear visibility even in bright ambient lighting, ensuring that operators can always see important information and make accurate decisions.

The capacitive touch interface of the Xpanel nXT series is intuitive and easy to use, providing a smooth and responsive user experience. With a wide temperature range of -20 to 65 degrees Celsius, you can use it in any environment.

Extreme Efficiency and Ecomony
The eXT series offers a perfect balance of performance and affordability, making it an ideal choice for those who are looking for a high-quality industrial HMI at a more budget-friendly price point.

The  Xpanel eXT packs a punch with its powerful hardware, responsive resistive touch interface, and intuitive runtime platform paired with powerful HMI programming software.

The Xpanel eXT is designed to provide reliable performance while meeting industrial standards.


Trust that you are getting the same high-quality industrial HMI that you’ve come to expect from CIMON at an affordable price point with the Xpanel eXT.

Revolutionize your HMI programming with Canvas
CIMON's Canvas is a state-of-the-art HMI programming software with a modern and intuitive UI/UX that simplifies the process of creating, editing, and managing HMI projects, making it accessible to users of all skill levels. The powerful and versatile platform is a perfect solution for industrial automation.
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